At MERAC we provide a service of comprehensive advice to startups in the different stages of the business.

We advise startups from its creation to its implementation in the different business areas through the drafting of the public deed and bylaws, shareholders' agreements, conditions of participation of accelerators and in obtaining alternative financing.

In addition, we provide recurrent advice on contractual and tax matters according to the activity carried out by each startup.

We also provide advice on purchasing processes of companies, convering from the initial analysis of the business (due diligence) to completing the purchase process by signing the sale and purchase agreement, as well as agreements with shareholders and investors.

In addition, we are intellectual property experts:creation and registration of trademarks and patents, copyright protection, regulation of web terms and conditions or regulation of e-commerce conditions.

Main services in Startups

  • Incorporation of companies.
  • Shareholders' agreements.
  • Negotiation of the terms of participation of accelerators or other types of alternative financing.
  • Investor agreements.
  • Advice on purchase processes from due diligence to the execution of the SPA.
  • Advice on intellectual and industrial property
  • National and international tax advice.