Advanced Tax Advice

Tax advice, both nationally and internationally.

Commercial and corporate law

Comprehensive advice to companies from the beginning of their corporate life until their extinction.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Planning and execution of acquisitions, mergers and demergers, advising all parties.

Inheritance and gift law

Legal advice and tax planning for inheritances, donations and legacies.

Tax Procedure

Representation in proceedings before tax authorities and legal defence in administrative and judicial proceedings.

Family Business

Legal and tax advice on all family business matters.


Comprehensive advice to startups from their inception to their consolidation.

Real Estate Law

Comprehensive provision of services in major real estate transactions.


Preparation of corporate compliance programmes and policies for companies.

Restructuring and insolvency

Advice in the different branches of law to solve crisis situations.

Banking Law

Advice on litigation arising from the application of unfair terms and contracts for all types of financial products.

Foreign Law

Processing and management of matters related to residence and nationality.