Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Our professionals have extensive experience in the following operations planning and execution of acquisitions, mergers and spin-offs, both internally between companies in the same group and between independent companies, advising both buyers and sellers in the different areas that may be affected by this type of transaction.

MERAC can advise you on the different procedures or operations involved in this type of transactions, among which we can highlight: (i) comprehensive advice on due diligence processes of companies, assets or businesses that will allow us to have a better knowledge of the target to be acquired; (ii) drafting, negotiation and execution of Joint Venture agreements or any other alliance that may be necessary for the specific case; (iii) advice on the acquisition of all types of companies, either through the purchase of shares or participations, through mergers or capital increases; (iv) we also have extensive experience in restructuring operations of groups of companies with the aim of achieving the most optimal structure for each case.

Main services in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Due diligence processes for companies, assets or businesses.
  • Joint Venture Agreements.
  • Purchase and sale of companies, assets or businesses
  • Transformation of companies.
  • Spin-offs and spin-offs.
  • Global transfers of assets and liabilities.
  • Pre-M&A tax planning
  • Tax advice on M&A implementation