Advanced Tax Advice

We have extensive experience in national and international tax consultancy services and focused in each case on the sector of activity of each client.

In the tax area, we carry out a global analysis of our clients' activities and operations in order to carry out the best possible planning and optimisation of the tax burden.

Our tax department offers advice on direct and indirect taxation issues, both to companies and natural persons either residents and non-residents.

We also advise on tax consolidation, transfer pricing, local taxes and duties, as well as customs and excise duties.

In addition, we have an extensive knowledge of tax consultancy in transactions as mergers and acquisitions or due diligence processes

Main services in Advanced Tax Advice

  • Contiued tax advice on daily issues
  • General taxation: Indirect and direct taxes
  • Advice and representation in tax audit procedures
  • Transfer pricing
  • Local taxes
  • Due diligence and M&A procedures
  • International taxation
  • Excise and Customs