Restructuring and insolvency

At MERAC, we have extensive experience in resolving highly complex business crises. To this end, we provide comprehensive advice from the different branches of law in order to solve crisis situations in which both creditors and debtors may be involved in recovering and defending their claims.

Our advice covers all stages of the procedure: advice in the pre-proceedings phase, including the declaration of insolvency and during pre-insolvency proceedings,filing of bankruptcy or voluntary insolvency proceedings, defence of the creditors' rights during the insolvency phases, investments in insolvency assets and liabilities (purchase of production units during the insolvency phases) and defence of any incidents that may arise during the insolvency process.

Main services in Restructuring and Insolvency

  • Pre-bankruptcy advice.
  • Restructuring and refinancing.
  • Out-of-court settlement.
  • Application for insolvency proceedings by debtor or creditor.
  • Advising creditors on the communication and defence of their claims.
  • Assistance throughout the insolvency process for debtors or creditors.
  • Purchase and sale and assignment of receivables.