Banking Law

The Banking Law team provides advisory services in the search for solutions to possible conflicts that clients may have with banking institutions arising from the applications of unfair terms that have been recognised by the highest courts: (i) floor clauses(ii) the imposition of the assumption of mortgage costs to the consumer or, (iii) IRPH clausesas well as with regard to other financial products whose interest rates may be abusive, such as, for example, the revolving cards.

In addition, we have extensive experience in the financial contract advices, from mortgage loans to other more modern financial products such as crowdfounding or crowdlending. In this area, our objective is to advise the client and avoid any type of abuse that could generate a future problem for our clients.

Main services in Banking Law

  • Invalidity of floor clauses.
  • Repayment of mortgage expenses.
  • Opposition to evictions.
  • Claiming revolving cards.
  • Invalidity of IRPH clauses.